About Us

Smile Designer Pro is dental imaging software that increases case acceptance by providing a visual aide to guide treatment presentation in patient consults and improves workflow by ensuring that labs have all of the information they need to deliver precisely what you’ve communicated to your patient. With Smile Designer Pro, patients can actually see renderings of your vision for their ideal smiles – and labs can deliver exactly what you’ve envisioned.

This revolutionary design/communication tool not only piques patient interest from the outset but also gives you the ability to deliver more predictable results that your patients will more readily agree to.

That’s because Smile Designer Pro doesn’t just generate a pretty picture to show your patients; it creates a comprehensive blueprint that also serves as an office-to-lab communication tool, decreasing rework and improving the consistency of your lab’s output. Our software allows you to better control both the front-end smile design and back-end production processes, close patient and lab perception gaps, and give your practice a lift as a result.

Smile Design Pro is your digital smile design assistant, visual case presentation aide and quality control team rolled into one!