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A leading-edge digital smile design solution on Mac, Windows, and iPad
Increase Case Acceptance and Deliver Predictable Outcomes

Design Smiles

Create facially-driven treatment plans quickly using simple photos.

Sell the Plan

Increase case acceptance by presenting the plan and realistic simulation.


"The coolest thing about dentistry is the transformative power of a new smile."


Share the treatment plan with your team to deliver a superior, predictable outcome.

How does it work?

Smile Designer Pro was designed from the ground up to meet the specialized needs of dental practitioners. Using simple photos, you can design a case in just a few minutes (e.g. while your patient is getting x-rays taken). With a single click, generate a realistic simulation of the outcome and start getting your patient excited about the potential transformation.

Inspired by the Digital Smile Design methodology, our software enables your team to create a cosmetic treatment plan & simulation to share with patients and fellow team members, leading to superior esthetic and functional results in your smile rehabilitation cases.

It's so easy to use that 90% of the work can be done by an assistant, minimizing the time required of the dentist or technician. A 10 minute smile design plan can and will help you achieve higher cosmetic case acceptance and improve patient satisfaction with the outcome.

Deliver on expectations by using the smile design to guide an esthetic wax-up or link to a cad/cam workflow for the ultimate in digital treatment planning.

Flat showcase presentation

  • Facially-driven treatment plans with measurements and esthetic geometry in minutes
  • Realistic smile simulation derived from the treatment plan in seconds.
  • Link to actual treatment using calibrated measurements and cad/cam overlay feature
  • Transform how patients perceive your practice and skills, become a Smile Designer.


  • All
  • Design
  • Simulation
  • Smile Templates by Dr. Jan Hajto
  • Edit Simulation
  • Intuitive Guides
  • Lab-Ready Measurements
  • Before & After Simulation
  • Portfolio - application
  • Portfolio - application
  • Cerec + SDP

Subscription Plans

Risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee. Prices shown in USD.



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  • Unlimited Cases
  • Mac, Windows, and iPad
  • Basic Design Tools Only
  • One Smile Template
  • Unlock Simulation for just $79/case
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  • Unlimited Cases
  • Mac, Windows, and iPad
  • All Design & Simulation Features
  • Twelve Smile Templates
  • CAD/CAM Integration
  • Up to 3 Devices
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